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Voting Time 02 Empty Voting Time 02

on 12/30/2017, 4:47 pm
Phaerie was busy picking at her teeth and missed her cue to start talking. Some cheeky cunt of an editor decided to leave that in on the show as well!! Good lord these people...

When she was done picking... a bone?? A bone out of her tooth. She flashed a wicked grin. "I don't even need to think about who I'm voting for: RILEY clearly. I guess she showed a little attitude when I tried to bait her into a fight earlier, but I don't do pop punk bitches ya dig?"

"I'll vote for her every week until she goes home. Even Crybaby Bitch Boy has some attitude--it's just a big ole pussy attitude. Pop punk as a genre--BY DEFINITION--lacks attitude and I don't think that anyone representing that pussy ass shit deserves to win."

She starts picking at her nails again, shrugging. "If homegirl sees this later and wants to fight about it, I'll be ready. Everyone here kinda pisses me off now that the only edgy guy is gone."
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