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I Could if I Wanted To Empty I Could if I Wanted To

on 12/30/2017, 5:05 pm
Phaerie would never admit to liking music (or anything really) that wasn't hardcore. Never. So, of course, she had to think up an elaborate plan to indulge herself while also living up to her hardcore reputation.

It wasn't a very good plan.

She'd been on this show for a while now and had been DYING to take advantage of the recording studio--she'd never seen anything this nice in her LIFE. All state-of-the-art equipment, and all at her disposal. Even better, it seemed like nobody else in the cast had been drooling over it the way she was, so that meant alone time.

It took a lot of trial and error before Phae finally figured out how to get everything working and ACTUALLY RECORD HERSELF (she would refuse help even if it was offered), but when she finally was in that recording booth (room? Booth? she didn't fuck with technical terms, but the word booth was funner to say) she couldn't even contain her excitement. Where to start? HOW to start? What song to sing?

What about...

She cleared her throat, grabbing one of the guitars on the side of the room and sitting in front of a mic. Phaerie wasn't sure where the cameras were located in this part of the house, so she just addressed the audience as if they were directly in front of her and behind the glass separating her from the recording equipment.

"So uh... CLEARLY. You people have no taste. And you just want me to be more approachable, dumb myself down, sand off all my edges. So first of all FUCK YOU, I don't need your approval anyway!"

"But... I-I guess winning this competition could be good. Y'know for my band. Preppy fuckers think a recording contract will save their lives or some shit."

"You want a softer Phaerie Clouter, that's not gonna happen. But, it's not like I can't be soft if I WANT TO. So I'm gonna prove that right now."

She took a few seconds to make sure the guitar was in tune (and honestly to admire how nice it was--hers was ancient and had taken quite a beating over the years) before starting into one of her guilty pleasures.

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