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Week 2 - Act Like A Roadie (Voting Results) Empty Week 2 - Act Like A Roadie (Voting Results)

on 12/21/2017, 4:50 pm
Valkaria gather everyone into the living room.

"Hey everyone! So, congrats again to Mei as the winner of our Week 2 challenge!" She claps her hands and smiles. "But as for the rest of you, someone will be going home. We rallied each of you privately into the confessionals to vote for who should be in the bottom two, and..." She pauses for dramatic effect.

"Davis, you are the first competitor in the bottom...As for the second? Well, it was actually a three way tie between Riley, Leopold and Isabel. SO what I'll do is..." She takes out an overly obnoxious top hat and presents the three contestant's names.

"I will be drawing one of your three names from a hat. The name is..." She reaches in and flails her arms dramatically, before pulling out a name and presenting it to everyone. "Leopold."

Davis and Leopold step forward. "I'm sorry you guys are on the chopping block! We'll start our second round of this week's competition to determine who stays and who goes. But for now...Chat it up!"


OOC: I went on Random.org and put Riley, Leopold and Isabel into the list generator. #1 was Leopold followed by Riley and Isabel. I can post if you guys need the confirmation <3
Otherwise feel free to role play reactions here! I'll post the next challenge today.
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