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Voting Time #1 Empty Voting Time #1

on 1/1/2018, 10:15 pm

Mae stumbles in looking nauseous. She dizzily examines the room. Mae twiddles with her fingers.

"Uh.. who do I vote for?? They're all my best friends now. I'm planning a group trip now for us all to go to my uncle's farm. When I was 8 my mom told me my pet hamster went to live there. I wish he would visit, I haven't see him since... If we're going to go on this trip BFF Riley and BFF Phaerie have to work this out. I vote for Phaerie. Now her and Riley can battle in the bottom 2, realize we're all supposed to be best friends, they both end up staying, and we can all go to my uncles farm."

"Now if you excuse me" Mae stands up. "I'm going to get my stomach pumped."
Mae immediately face plants onto the ground.
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